Empowerment Grief

From Grief to Glory

God had been speaking to me that entire week of late September 2017, “Be real with Me”, and I didn’t know what He meant. I would find myself shrugging my shoulders carelessly, not taking heed to His Word. No matter how short of a sentence, every Word that God speaks to us must be taken seriously. So, that Wednesday, I had found out that a person close to me had lost his mother that evening,…

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Empowerment Faith

The Keys to Miracles: Faith Filled Women Unite

One of my inspirations that has definitely helped me live in my own Light is Brittany Jack and her new television series The Keys to Miracles, which aires on Blossom, a platform that showcases women of color’s dynamic voices. It was through following Jack on Instagram where God ministered to me about truly living audaciously as His daughter. Brittany Jack, sitting amongst other women of color in a welcoming environment full of love, makes sure that…

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