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Boldness, Faith

Living in my Light


The journey towards living in my Light began when I admitted i was in hiding. I was living in fear, in false humility and inferiority. I loved being in the background, but I secretly allowed jealousy and envy into my heart.

“You are the light of the world. A city situated on a hill cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket, but rather on a lamp stand, and gives it light for all who are in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in Heaven.” Mat 5:14-16

I had to sit down and allow God to pull on my heart, in every direction He wanted. I had to confess that I was comfortable where I was, but deep inside of me was a desire to become all that God wanted me to be, and walk in boundless faith. I did not want to be known for being a runner. I didn’t want that as my testimony. Instead, I wanted to boldly and honestly change the narrative and God saw fit that, on March 20th, I would step out of my cave.
I was in Deliverance class, and at the end of class, before we ended in prayer, our teacher declared over us, “Today is your last day of hiding. There are many things God wants to do through you in ministry, in and outside of church… get the Holy Spirit out of that box!”

In this moment, my spirit leaped in conviction and shock. God arrested my spirit that night by saying, “you’ve been in the background long enough”.. now it was my decision whether I would obey His call or shrink back in fear.

That night, my prayers shifted. I gave God a yes, blindfolded. Yes to His will and yes to His way, not knowing that my waving flag would change my entire life. God began to reveal to me, very quickly, gifts He placed on the inside of me, and it all helped me realize why the enemy wanted me to believe that I was worthless, timid, and inferior for so long.

Soon after, on multiple occasions, God used my entire body, mind, and soul to shift atmospheres, leaving me in awe and confusion as to what took place.

While all of this took place, God showed me the importance of keeping my mouth shut and allowing Him to work in and through me. Being an open and transparent person, it’s become a challenge to not immediately tell someone all of the amazing things God has allowed me to experience and see, but He continues to remind me that though my heart may be in the right place, I could possibly get in the way of God moving so freely. When living in one’s Light, it’s very important to discern the moments that deserve an explanation, and ones we should just allow to happen without a word from our lips.

This takes restraint and self-control, but I would much rather God receive all of the glory without me getting in the way. He doesn’t need my help to move in my life,

And the same goes to you.

God does not need your input nor your understanding in order to move mightily in your life. All it takes is faith, a surrendered heart, and willing feet to go where He sends.

“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” – Psalm 119:105

So, how do we live in our light? Unapologetically, and we do this by first surrendering all of our excuses as to why we are not qualified, because He qualifies those He called (1 Cor 1:27-29; Romans 8:30).

After you have surrendered everything and have opened yourself up to the move of God, you must arm yourself in scripture about what God says about you. Everything is tied to how rooted you are in His Word, especially with how He defines you. You must use this Word to cast down every thought that the enemy used to deceive God’s children.

As you continue to speak the Word over yourself daily by spending time with the Lord, you must be open to God revealing parts of you that are not pleasing to Him. He does not do this to tease or condemn, but to make you aware of the aspects you must submit to Him and work on changing (with help from the Holy Spirit). The way in which you handle this correction will show God how well you’ll be able to handle Him revealing Himself to you in a new way.

As long as you remain in His presence, He will remain in you. There is so much life after being delivered and healed from our past and our sins. God has great words He desires to His children to accomplish in the church and in the world. Which is why it is very important to stay in His presence, because the only way you can show yourself as an impactful vessel for the Lord is if you continue to seek His face, not only for what He wants to do through you, but because you desire constant intimacy and closeness with the Father.

My prayer is that as you continue to seek the Lord and ask Him to cleanse your heart and renew your mind, that you would begin to walk into your true identity, and that God would begin to show you what He desires to do through you.

Love and Light be unto you.

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