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The Keys to Miracles: Faith Filled Women Unite

One of my inspirations that has definitely helped me live in my own Light is Brittany Jack and her new television series The Keys to Miracles, which aires on Blossom, a platform that showcases women of color’s dynamic voices. It was through following Jack on Instagram where God ministered to me about truly living audaciously as His daughter.

Brittany Jack, sitting amongst other women of color in a welcoming environment full of love, makes sure that the setting is laid back, yet still convicting and uplifting. She does not coddle our feelings, but instead call us out of our comfortability and inferiority mindsets.

She gives every women the keys to unlock miracles, such as faith, provision, and freedom. This self proclaimed creative evangelist provides a language for the reasons in why we have not been moving forward in our lives: not trusting God to be God.

By truly taking God at His Word with what He speaks over us, and what He has promised us as it pertains to our health, our lives, our money, and our freedom, we experience the abundance in which God intended for us to have.

After releasing the keys unto us, she charges us to change our perspective of ourselves and God by calling us to recite affirmations over ourselves, affirmations that are all wrapped in scripture.

The Keys to Miracles is a conversational approach to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I noticed that in every epsiode, she’s spreading the gospel to women of color, and I truly believe as women of God, we must go into our own communities with our friends and families and teach the gospel from a loving, open, authentic as well as non-conforming when presenting the word of God.

We have women of color millennials who focus so much on self love and confidence but leave God out of the conversation— as if He’s not our Source, but this show does an excellent job of pinpointing the foundations and pillars of miracles and what it takes to cultivate the miracles that have already been promised to us. This show dives into the heart and soul of a person.

The message behind the show is this: with being a millennial of color, it is not enough to have a strong work ethic and self-confidence, but by building a firm foundation with your faith in God, By actually believing the words He has spoken over you and applying them, that’s where you’ll find power and true change.

It is in the intimate relationship with God where we unlock our anointing and calling He placed on the inside of us to change the world.

It is through this firm foundation of faith, communication, and trust in the Lord that gives us the keys to unlock each miracle that breaks the back of bondage, generational and financial curses.

You can click here to subscribe to Blossom and watch The Keys to Miracles for conviction, encouragement, and leveling up in your relationship with God!

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