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He’s still working on me..

This blog post is a few weeks old. I had decided to start journaling all of the lessons God had been teaching me while at my position at Chick Fil A (YES! I got the job!). I wanted to share the very first lesson I learned during my first week of working.

During the week of March 7th, God began to deal with my thoughts, my heart and how I treat people; how i treated God and how I treated myself.

I had to be totally honest with both God and myself when it came to my motives behind wanting to do something, or wanting to achieve a goal. Nine times out of ten it stemmed from an insecurity, the spirit of comparison, and the fact that I wanted God’s Hand, but secretly thought it was a waste of time getting to know His heart and His character.

God held up a mirror that only showed my soul and spirit. In my mind, I thought I was okay after being pruned of my past (You can read about that HERE), but God still had to work on my immaturity, irritation, anger, laziness, inconsistency, power over my flesh, etc. God had to cleanse off all of the residue of generational curses. This is what people mean when they say, “You don’t have to ‘get right’ before coming to the Lord; He’s the One that gets you right,” and the only way you can truly come to Him is with full honesty, a surrendered heart to His will and His way.

Before taking us to the next level, God has to cleanse our hearts and minds, things that have been buried and invisible to us is very evident to God. How will one know when God is trying to prune their mind and heart? With myself, God has literally played back a situation in my mind, like a video recording, and show me how my reaction revealed something about me that I had yet laid at His feet for good.

What this taught me was that God, who’s such a good Father, will not allow us to sabotage the next season we’re set to walk in. He loves us and us concerned about our future. In the Bible, it states that there is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death and destruction.

How does this relate to us? We have a will, a “plan” for our lives that we think is perfect, but since we are not all knowing and omnipresent like our God, we can’t see that five years down the line, that plan will choke the life out of us. In Jeremiah 29:11, it states that God KNOWS the plans He has for us; they’re plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us hope and a future. When God says He knows the plans He has for us, it shows that He already predestined a Divine destiny for us. Wouldn’t it make sense to follow an already tailored plan that has already been proven to be successful (according God’s standard, and not this world’s) than to follow our own, which would lead to anger, irritation, and defeat? Wouldn’t it make sense to truly follow the One who molded and created us, the One who thought of us before our parents ever did (Jeremiah 1:5)?

I challenge you, today, to open your heart an allow God to inspect it, and to give you a new heart, and a fresh spirit within (Psalm 51:10).

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