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My testimony: God blessed me with a job!

Waiting for God to tell you to move when your flesh wants to immediately jump up and attach itself to something is a huge fight.

The battle to remain still and unmoved in God’s Presence when there’s decisions that need to be made, is a challenge within itself.

That was me waiting on God to send me the job position He had for me.

I had family members tell me that I need to find a job fast so I could begin to pay bills, to just “find something until I get where I’m going”, and although I nodded my head in understanding, my spirit didn’t totally agree with them.

In the beginning of January, having just relocated back home, I began to work on my résumé with my former supervisor via email. We tweeked it to make me sound like a great employee for any retail job I applied for. I applied for about eight retail jobs, and all of them fell through..

Until January 27th..

While sleeping, I had a dream that my aunt, whom I don’t really talk to a lot, blessed me with around $300, which covered every bill that she didn’t know I had to pay for. At the end of the dream, I cried on her shoulder.

Then, maybe an hour later, I heard her in the living room of my other aunt’s house, where I had been staying, talking to her daughter. Mind you, I hadn’t seen this aunt since Christmas Day.

A couple of minutes pass by and I make my presence known to my aunts, I tell them I’m currently applying for another retail job, and then this aunt proceeds to tell me that her job, Chick Fil A, is hiring. She’s also one of the managers, so she would be able to put in a good word for me. Can someone say FAVOR?!?

So I apply on January 30th, and I did not hear anything from them for an entire month. For the end of January, and the month of February, I told God that I would not apply to any other jobs because I knew that specific dream and confirmation came straight from Him.

After this decision, I never truly received any other sign from God regarding a job, until February 8, 2018. The Sunday of this week, my Pastor had spoken to the worship team, of which I am apart of, and said he had a Word to speak over each of us individually. All week, we all were a little nervous and expectant of God moving in a mighty way.

Part of Pastor’s Word for my life went something like this… “I see God is opening up something new in your job/career.. (I fell out in tears at this point). You’ve been praying about something very specific, I see it…. God’s saying that ‘I’m going to grant you the opportunity to show what you can do, all you’ve been asking for is an opportunity and it’s coming soon..”


Until this point in the year, it felt as if God overlooked that one prayer request that I tried not to rest in, and this night, He spoke to me clearly through my spiritual Father.

During this entire month of February, I began seeking the Lord, day and night, which specifically consisted of prayer, journaling, worshiping, reading His Word, and openly talking to Him in my new room. (He had blessed my aunt with a house on my birthday). This waiting season really stretched my faith and trust in God. It also showed me how much the people around me really believed in the power of God.

I wanted God to do something through me that eyes had not seen and ears had not heard. Though I was swayed by people’s opinions in the beginning of February, God molded me into a firm believer by the nearly the end.

Yesterday, around 4pm, I received a call and voicemail from one of the Chick Fil A managers requesting that I come in for an interview the next day (today). I was sooo shocked, and I began to freak out and thank God! After my mini session of going ballistic, I called the manager back and scheduled the interview.

Though I have not gotten a call back yet, I know and believe in faith that the job is already mine, because of what my Father has shown me. This month has definitely made me more intimate with God, and I wouldn’t trade this precious time of being able to sit at His feet every day.

Let this encourage and bless you.

My story did not end when my suspension appeal was denied, but it was just the beginning of me being in God’s will for my life.

If God is calling you to do something that seems insane and crazy to yourself and to others, do it. Other people’s lives are dependent upon your obedience. It pleases the Father to see you obeying Him and He does not take it lightly.

He knows your struggles and how uncomfortable it is, and He knows that He’s going to get the ultimate glory from Your life. Make Him proud of choosing you today. No matter how many times you have to tell your flesh what to do, no matter how frustrating it gets, keep your eyes on God, the One who doesn’t know what failure looks like.

He’s always with you. He loves you, and He’s so proud of how far you’ve come.

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