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Who is God to me?

There are many times in our lives when we may have heard God Be referred to as Lord, Abba, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Nissi, but who is God to us as individuals? As His daughters?

It still is taking me time, but I can definitely say my intimacy with God is stronger than it was a year ago, and how might you ask?


HOLD UP— So you mean to tell me, Shamari, that I’ve gotta go through storms in order to be intimate with God?

Yes, precisely.

Now, this isn’t to scare you nor turn you away, but it’s to help you embrace the trials and tribulations.

It was then where I really felt blessed by that Baptist Church saying, “He picked me up, turned me around, placed my feet on solid ground”.

It was only then that I understood Him as Jehovah Rapha- The God who heals.

In those moments, I truly understood Him as being my Father and not some huge God who gets angry when we sin.

Only when I went through seasons of pain, grief, anger, and bitterness with the loss of my mother did I finally understand Him as being a mother to the motherless.

He was my everything, and it took Him digging up every weed in my heart to truly grasp it.

It takes us to first be vulnerable to God, even if it means getting a piece of paper and writing out everything that you know you struggle with, and laying it at His feet.

Here’s the catch: once you lay it down to Him, you cannot pick it up again. You have to take back control and command your mind and heart to submit.

The first step towards doing this is getting a physical bible, with the translation of your choice, or use the free bible app, and grab pieces of paper or notecards and begin to write out scriptures that deal with the issues you face.

Trust me- the Word Of God is alive and there is scripture for everything. I would advise you to also look up Bible Plans on the app; you’d be surprised how many topics Organizations and Authors have created to give you the tools to fight back against Satan’s tactics to keep you in spiritual bondage.

The second step, once you’ve found those scriptures, is prayer. Now, I know that for some prayer can seem very intimidating, but with a step by step guide on how to effectively communicate to God and pour out your heart to Him, it will give you more confidence and help your prayers become more organized, but still intimate.

The three steps I take in prayer are- Gratitude, Repentance, and Reverence.

I start out pouring out how grateful I am to God for what He has done for me, what He’s doing within me, and how much I love Him. It not only prepares your heart and allows you to focus on God, but you take the focus off of your needs, wants and desires. This will teach you how to not treat God like a genie or like Santa Claus, but as your Father and your Lord.

The second, repentance. This is where those scriptures you wrote down can be interjected. Repentance is a confession of your sins, a confession of what has been brewing in your heart that you need to leave at the altar of God’s feet. This step requires total honesty and openness. Know this: whatever concerns you, concerns the Father. He wants to hear your heart. You cannot receive total healing if you’re not honest with your Father, your Creator.

The last step is reverence. After you’ve expressed words of gratitude, and confessed your heart, you honor and bless God. I personally take this time to thank God for listening and already answering my prayer (it takes faith to receive the answers and healing you so desire). I remind Him of how wonderful, faithful, and how mighty He is and has been in my life. I even go into specific detail of how He’s been all of these things. Overtime, this will create such a closeness and intimacy and love between you two.

You have to fight, spiritually, though. It will not always feel good to pray to God, but it is necessary. Not for Him to hear from you, but for you to hear and get instruction from Him. We need to hear from God every day.

One last thing I want to say: prayer is not always coming to God with a specific need. Sometimes you could just spend the entire time praising His name. Even if you don’t have the words to say, the Bible says that the Holy Spirit makes utterance for you. This means that He communicates on your behalf, He HELPS you pray as you’re praying. How amazing is that?

If you would like any additional help with prayer, I would advise you to read the book of Psalms. It is filled with praise, prayer, and even angry and desperate prayers to God.

I pray that you were blessed by this blog post, and if you have any additional questions, or you would like to give any testimony about how God has been working on your heart and answering your prayers, either leave a comment below, or email me at!


love, Shamari.

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